Italy on Two-Wheels

On reading the title, what comes to your mind? That it rhymes with Bugatti? NO. There is another well-hidden Italian master ruffling the leaves in the Indian motorcycle industry. Any guesses?

An inline 3-cylinder!
TNTR 1130

This company is one of the oldest Italian bike companies along with Moto Guzzi and Piaggio.

Benelli was brought to India by the great DSK. Who is he? Not Drift Sensei King. DSK Groups is a business conglomerate with its headquarters in Pune. DSK handles various domains like Real Estate, Automobile, Sports, IT and many others. The founder is Mr. D. S. Kulkarni.

DSK’s Motowheels, established in 2012, is the guardian angel of Benelli in India. They’re also responsible for the Korean superbike company Hyosung to walk it’s initial baby-steps in India.

Benelli entered the Indian market during the first half of 2015 and currently has a staggering portfolio of five wheels. The range caters to the whole foray of bikers- starting from 300 cc to 1 litre engines. The basic entry level TNT 302 (TNT standing for Tornado Naked Tre) has a twin cylinder- 300 cc paired to a 6-speed gearbox developing a health 36 prancing horses.

Some old school racing!

Don’t get your hopes so high- TNT 302 is the only twin-cylinder product offered by the company. Italian power and their inexplicable attention to detail is now in our reach at such reasonable prices is not something that happens commonly. Looking at the line-up, interesting bikes have some hidden souls dying to be freed by its high revving engine! We soon hope to see them more near our colony, to fight off the raging Devil!


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