Beauty and the Beast

Pagani, a car so remarkable and expensive that only a few lucky people can drive it. Horacio Pagani, the Italian car creator is behind the likes of the Zonda and Huayra – ‘the god of wind’.

Richard Hammond said that this car is so unreal that “it may be a unicorn!

Earlier it was the Pagani Composite Company which used to collaborate with Lamborghini for making composite structures. But when Lamborghini didn’t give a damn about their idea of using carbon fibre, Pagani was found. They’re big supporters of carbon fibre  and lightweight strength.  Lately, these cars use carbotanium composite which is lightweight and has high impact tolerance.

Pagani Zonda is still not legal in the U.S. roads due to safety issues. If you want to buy Pagani Huayra, don’t get too pumped up because it’s already sold out. However, you can get your hands on Pagani Zonda Roadster whose total production number is 40.

My personal favourite – Pagani has a flamboyant design, exceptional power, jaw dropping tail centre-mounted quad exhaust tips and aerodynamics. One could not justify its looks from those Bedroom wall posters.

-Pragya Shrivastava


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