Ola ka Jhola? 

I have travelled to Chennai and Bangalore lots of times. And in no way can one call these cities small. Even your nearest  destination is at least 10 kilometers away. So how does one commute in such cities? Our dear autos and cabs of course .

The alleged
The alleged “culprits”

Now, this is an era where the smart phone has taken control over majority of the people living in India – a country obsessed with finding the fastest and the cheapest way. The smart phone provided a platform for the people to get in touch with the cabs that can transport them from point A to point B without any hustle and I the cheapest way possible. Ola and Uber springs up in mind.

All was well until the fickle-minded auto waala stepped in and started busting windows of Olas and Ubers – literally. What was their reason? These companies were drastically affecting their income. What were their demands? Close them down completely.

Can’t they understand that it is not these companies which are affecting their income. It’s their attitude, their aura , which repels us away. Maybe if they stopped charging a kidney per kilometer and started having some sense in their minds, maybe they can earn their bread and butter in peace.

Ola and Uber and other likes have started a new revolution of organized,  safe (not completely), and cheaper transportation. The auto waalas have lost their footing in the big cities. They survive by charging excessively in small cities where people have no solution but to succumb to their relentless attitude.

Watch the Magic Bricks Now Debate

These people can actually claw their way back. Not by smashing windows and shouting ‘Humaari mangey poori karo, Ola Uber band Karo! ‘.  But by starting their own revolution. Maybe a unified action like the ‘Meter pe Kilometer’ where they charge no excess than the amount shown on their Meters – which they didn’t know even existed.

Taking more small steps like having a helpful attitude and not denying each and every place that a person asks to go to. Maybe then we can expect the three-wheeler to stay alive in those Bollywood ‘Dhoom’  stunts.  Imagine Bachchan sahib in an Ola! Horrendous!

-Rohit Aggarwal


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