The Godzilla

Nissan GT-R is the everybody’s favourite car of the 21st century. The GT stands for Grand tourer (or ‘Gran Turismo’ in italian) while the letter R stands for Racer.

This car is definitely not for the ‘not so speed loving’ people because, this car can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 2.7 seconds.

Ever wondered why it’s faster than other race cars? It’s because of the ferocious power and the embracing grip which adds to a proficient cornering speed. But How? Is there any secret recipe?

Godzilla in Black
Godzilla in Black

Well, high acceleration does not only mean more engine power and this is what GT-R took into account. So, it not only creates a massive amount of power using the twin turbo V6 engine but also the weight distribution of the car is in the perfect ratio which is aided by a torque vectoring mechanism,  sending the perfect amount of torque to all the four wheels with the right pinch of electronics.

Due to its performance, the GT-R does swallow a lot of fuel and has compromised rearward visibility with heavy steering making it difficult to drive in the city.

In fact, the body isn’t beautiful, it looks bulky and has huge kerb weight but still, it manages to turn heads.
Well, it costs a lot as compared to other city cars but less than other sports cars.

This car is often known to challenge the laws of physics. This car is undoubtedly on top of every motor head’s to-do-list.

Before you leave, meet –

The Nissan GTR 2017

-Pragya Shrivastava


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