One of my happiest moments in life was when I got 4 free vouchers for Go-Karting.

Normally we drive cars; but isn’t karting more fun? We do have a Motorsport for accomplishing our dream of witnessing the need for speed with no traffic rules, signs, bumpers, speed limits; KARTING.

Karting is a sport which is known to be the first step on the ladder of all the legendary formula one drivers.The kart is light weight and small in size. Wheels and tires are also smaller than general cars with no grooves in it, as no aquaplaning is required. But the suspension system, gearbox, differential is not a part of this automobile, because of which all the responsibility comes to Chassis’s shoulder.

When I sit on the driver’s seat, I can literally feel the tremors and the sound of the engine.

This Motorsport can also be a small test for testing the driver’s capability. The most thrilling fact about Karting is how fast our heart beats from the anticipation!

-Pragya Shrivastava


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