How does a gearbox work?

Power transmission. The word that follows power generation. The power generated from the engine of the car needs to be sent to the wheels. After all, with great power comes higher gear ratios!

But the straightforward generation of power cannot be directly transferred to the wheels. A magical transistor-cum-potentiometer type power modifier, called the gearbox, is in series with the wheels and engine. The same ‘box’ helps to take the car from 0-50 or from 120-Mind Boggling speeds.

Manual Transmission
Manual Transmission

Over the years, the so-called humans have developed different types of gearboxes which quench the thirst of petrol heads or just help mankind to travel stress-free within the city.

The thirst is quenched by our dear manual ‘boxes’. Manual gearbox uses the much-loved gear stick to travel between the gear ratios. What are gear ratios? Well, some help is here.

Gear Ratios

Manual gearboxes are also subdivided into the H-type traditional gearbox and sequential gearbox. H types are used in normal city and highway cars and some middle-level motor sports.

Whereas sequential gearboxes can be seen on motorbikes and high-level motor sports. Due to its compactness, it has its use on the former and its ability to change quickly without much concentration finds its way into the Motorsports industry.

Automatic Transmission
Automatic Transmission

The city-dwelling humans are catered to by the automatic section of transmission. All the work is automatically done by the brain of the computer,  choosing the correct ratio for either a good fuel economy or high engine power according to the mood of the driver. They are further divided into CVTs,  DCTs.

A few years ago, the industry also came up with a compromise between the two- a semi-automatic, which gets rid of the clutch but you still have the manual hand movement in the gear. It feels more like a budget automatic.

Semi-Autmatic Gear
Semi-Automatic Gear

A manual gearbox helps one connect deeply with the car while constantly being engaged with its deepness and hardworking. Whereas an automatic does to mankind what current innovations are supposedly aimed for ease and simplicity.

So if you end up in a dilemma to choose between the two,  just ask yourself – would you like fleshly prepared food with spices for your dinner which requires effort but the result is unforgettable or just go with ready-in-2-minutes pre-cooked food and fill your stomach without the satisfaction?

I’ll have the freshly cooked manual with extra spices, please!


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