El Classico Indio-1

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El Classico Indio

Japanese? Yup. There you go. The Honda City. A relatively small but ultra-tech savvy country gives us one of the best cars that has ever stomped the Indian scenario.

No, we are not talking here about the City which the company has shelled out from its factory after Honda bent down to the standard of diesel production. Yes, Bent. Down. What we are looking at are the first generation Citys, and the arrow-head designed third generation.


Introduced in 1998, the first gen City was an exceptional sedan with its low riding stance and a butter-smooth-bullet-proof-reliable engine. It took hearts of many and have stayed with them for long. It’s lavish interiors equipped with electric windows was a breeze of fresh air

Even now,  sitting shotgun in its hugging seats, you can feel each pulse of the throttle. You get pushed back into the seat of the car and the hands just die to get a grip on the steering.

The same story goes with the Third gen Honda. Striking design and much more lavishness for the 21st century catered to the likes of many Petrol heads. You still got the unique feeling of revving the car to 7000 rpm with the surge coming near to 5000 rpm, always forcing you to be on your toes with high loads of adrenaline when pushing it hard.


City was one of those cars which had soul in them, which had character in them. You didn’t end up using it for your daily run. It was more like your best friend, who made each way a dream way, which you realised later.

It is one of those rare cars, maybe the only one, which has the ability to boast both power and reliability.

And this is why, it makes to one of the top soon-to-be-Indian-classic running on the road. Don’t let it loose!


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