What are some of the most famous automotive rivalries?

Let’s talk about enemies!
We witnessed quite a lot of rivalries between the automotive companies through centuries like Porsche and Ferrari, MG and Triumph, Ford and Ferrari with some of them having quite a history. Let us look at some prominent ones.


Ferrari and Lamborghini

The Raging Bull

Ferruccio was a successful and wealthy farmer who made tractors and owned many vehicles including a Ferrari. But he constantly used to have trouble with the clutch of the Ferrari.

Finally, out of frustration he went to Enzo Ferrari and told him about the imperfect clutch Ferrari had. But in return Enzo Ferrari taunted him and said, “You may know how to drive a tractor but you will never be able to tackle a Ferrari correctly”.

The Prancing Horse
The Prancing Horse

After his rude behaviour, Ferruccio decided to develop Lamborghini and this marked the beginning of the rivalry between the prancing horse and the fighting bull.



Honda and Toyota

The Honda Logo

Soichiro Honda was a mechanic at a garage which tuned cars for races. Honda founded Tōkai Seiki, a piston rings manufacturing company in 1937.


They supplied piston rings to the Toyota company. But, due to the unsatisfactory quality of the product, he lost the contract.

He improved the piston rings and began supplying them to
Toyota again. But Honda had lost its presidential position.

Toyota Logo

Later the Tokai Seiki manufacturing plants got destroyed by
the US bombing. So Honda sold the remains to Toyota and with that money he established Honda Technical Research Institute in October 1946.

With the persistent hard work of Honda and his 12 staff members, they became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles and later moved on to cars. Now Honda is giving a firm fight to Toyota and is gaining ground quickly.


Ford and Ferrari
This is one of the lesser known rivalries. Henry Ford had a deal with Enzo to buy Ferrari. But at the last moment,

The Company made by Henry Ford

Enzo cancelled the deal and snubbed him.

This made Henry Ford furious and he resolved to take revenge.This gave the birth to the GT program with the sole aim of destroying Ferrari at the Le Mans.

This rivalry led to the development of one of the most legendary car in the history of mankind. I’ll let you guys connect the dots and figure out what I am talking about.

The GT
The GT

Some rivalries ended, some are still going on and some will be coming but whatever it is, it’s always witty and entertaining to watch. Stay tuned for more rivalries from the automotive world.


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