Breaking Stereotypes

Gul Panag, the very talented actress and pilot, rightly said that in a typical Indian household, if there’s a boy and a girl of the same age, there is a higher chance that the boy gets the chance and encouragement to learn driving first. All this links back to the common stereotype, “Women can’t drive”. It’s time to be a lot more open-minded, yes?

In the United States, ironically, men tend to pay more of the risk insurance money that the auto industry demands, in accordance to their risk profiles. Doesn’t this make it clear that women are, in fact, better, more careful drivers and tend to get into way lesser accidents than men? The problem is not with the people, but with their mindset. They believe that women aren’t capable enough to drive anything more complex than a Scooty Pep Plus, and will even go as far as to say that they don’t understand the ‘concept of gear change’.

If men were better drivers, there would be no traffic jams. Driving is not an act restricted to your gender. It’s high time we start to accept the technical and automotive prowess of women in our modern-day world.

It’s time for better conditioning and lesser judgement. It’s time to drive away the stereotypes.

Picture source: dailymoss 


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