Living the JDM life


Mazda MX5 (Miata)

Ever came across the acronym, JDM, while browsing through your favourite car forums, or even some tuning or drifting video commentary? Well, JDM refers to one of the loved AND trolled categories in the car scenario.


No, it doesn’t stand for Jan-Dhan-Man. If you think it’s Japanese Drifting Machine, you still get a pass. What it really stands for is ‘Japanese Domestic Market’. Yes, Japanese. Those tech-savvy humans who have the technology to even wipe your ass in hundred different ways (Pun intended!)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8

JDM consists of all the cars manufactured in Japan which range from Nissan Micras to the Honda NSXs. The japans government has had rules over the top speed and the maximum horsepower being produced by them JDMs. So these models come with top speed limiters, but now the manufacturers are providing ways to switch them off in case you want to stretch your right foot on the track.

Nissan Silvia

Japanese cars have a fan following worldwide for various reasons. Japan is known to have high innovation and that tricles down to their machines also. From their Variable Valve Timing to their Variable Cylinder Management, JDMs never cease to excite us with their shear speed and technology.

Japanese legislators also make the ownership of an older car very expensive, leading to the people selling of their ‘barely used’ vehicles with highly depreciated cost. This collaborated with initial cost of the vehicle due to their flooding in the market leads to their availability at dirt cheap prices.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Many JDM cars are known worldwide- imported , tuned, drifted, raced, crashed and rebuilt. These japanese heroes owe their popularity to their versatility and reliability. VTEC kicked in yo?

Is there an introduction required?

P.S. The symbol presented as the featured image is the Wakaba or Shoshinsha Mark. No, don’t start putting it on your Toyota Etios as such! This mark is made mandatory by the Japanese government for the new drivers who just got their license. They have to use this mark for uptil one year. Just to warn others that they don’t know how to handle the wheel correctly! Beware!

Fast and Furious déja-vous?


-Rohit Aggarwal


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