What are the types of body styling?

Designers often sculpt out their prototypes on a shoe-sized-foam/wood piece which would soon turn into a reality. But what is the base design that they start with? Whether they want a nose at the front, or a notch at the back, or just a one-box design. Let us cover all the basic designs that we often come across in our commercial cars.


Body styling it!


The design is first sub-divided into three parts- One box, Two box and Three box.

One box, as the word describes, encapsulates all the three compartments– engine, passenger and luggage compartment into one box. The best examples are Tata Nano and Maruti Omni.


One box self-drive.. Hmm.. Self-drive.. Sad.



It is highly advantageous for small traffic area and designers have to use the space to the maximum. However, it gives a large frontal surface of the vehicle and a very tall seating position. All this is also accompanied by a high centre of mass.

Two box has a separate compartment for the engine and one combined for occupant and luggage. All the hatchbacks and SUVs come under this category. This design is highly prone to interior noise and high drag coefficient. Maybe use aero to improve it?


Two box A-Class



The final one is the Three box design which has all the three separate compartments. All the limousines, sedans, coupes and convertibles come under this section.


Notchback three box!


They are one of the most traditional designs and provide passive safety along with a highly stiff chassis.

Wondering why the title shows fifteen? Well, we’ll see the specific classifications in the next article. Keep checking out this space!



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