F1 Season Unveiling- Part 2

We directly jump into the launch of the tenth edition by Force India Motors- the VJM10. Continuing their styling cues, we see a slight nose bump at the front (boxing-broken nose?) with a prominent shark fin at the back. Having finished at a respectable position in the previous year’s F1, we are eager to see how this UK based team (like many), will perform.

Being the undefeated champions for the last few seasons and with some major change in their driver line-up and technical department, we now take a peek into their W08. Will they hold on to their trophies?

Ferrari- the prancing horse– have been the backbone of the racing industry for more than a half a decade and have always proven their worth. However, for the last few seasons, it is proving a little difficult for them to keep up to their rival’s pace. High hopes are there for this season’s Maranello based Red Monster.

Next up is the recently resurrected names in this highly advanced engineering field- McLaren and Honda. Like the new wave of orange? #MCL32

This is turning out to be quite fun with the new rules and regulation!

Keep checking for more news!


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