Effortless Presence: Honda City

Deja vu? Hmm. El-Classico Indio 1? Okay, you got me. We love Honda way beyond what Honda expects from us mere college goers. Specifically the Honda City.We can’t get over it. The more you savour it, the more it clings onto your heart. Why is that? Well, let us get deep into its roots.


The much loved, plush, interactive and functioning interiors of the City!


The Honda city was first launched in 1981 by the Japanese manufacturer. Its history starts way back from 1981 when it was a subcompact 3-door sedan and cost only Rs.60,000 (laughable amount, right?)which is now considered as a 4 door compact sedan.

The City is controlled by an effective yet fuel productive 1.5 L i-VTEC with Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) motor for a smoother drive in automatic petrol version (I don’t know why am I even considering it..) and the manual gearbox (thank the lord!). The city has an amazing pick-up, available in diesel and petrol which outshines the ARAI fuel rating. You hit the sweet spot in the rev-range at around 3500 rpm, when the VTEC kicks in (yo!).

It is stacked up with equipments like sunroof, feather-touch climate control, keyless entry and go, rear air-conditioner, even a shark fin for better aerodynamics (AERO 101?)The dazzling sporty design from the 16-inch multispoke alloy wheels to the grille, sporty aerodynamic contours and particular shoulders will make individuals gaze with admiration. Not much of a head turner, but it surely had its presence felt in the beginning of the 21st century with its low ride height (Bumper-scraper cringe?) and its high reliability.

Brothers in arms!

Try not to be tricked by the look of the car; the liberal trunk space is intended to fit four 9-inch wide golf sacks, sufficient for your everyday purposes. Honda city is like Honda jazz in many aspects. Basically, the city has a longer wheelbase and has more space contributing to the cabin.

Regarding the interiors, the most recent era of the Honda City is a completely different animal compared to the last ones. It surely has better ergonomics and is, as a whole, a better quality product. Every single component has upgraded the delight of riding a standout amongst the most perfectly etched Honda cars in India.


Yeah! It’s the correct one… Or maybe the cabriolet.


It offered an all-in-one combo feature which compiles of classy looks, affordable and flamboyant performance which made it a market hit till today, especially in India.  Shockingly, it has drastically more consumers compared to Honda Civic due to which the Civic’s production has been stopped in India.

And that is really sad. I remember sitting in my friend’s Civic. Sheer pleasure. Nope, it’s not my first lick of Nutella, but much more intense. The cluster, the quality, the comfort. All summed up into a great car. The best part of all? Getting pushed into the seat, watching the digital speedometer break the city’s speed limit (pun intended), like a boss.

Civic interiors with the Beacon of Speed on top. (Source: The Automotive India)

The worst thing about Honda’s evolution? The Electric steering. Stop! Don’t just start throwing them hate words! Listen out! That electric assist takes away the feel of the steering. The part of the car that acts as a transmission between you and the road.

Honda City has advanced into a stylish and a very secure car for the technophile drivers of this era, following the Godzilla’s footsteps.But it has surely lost a bit of its heart-throbbing character along its way. Back to the past? Please?


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