A Morning Getaway in Bangalore

Studying in an engineering college, especially situated in a remote area filled with people having pre-historic ideologies, a mechanical with specialisation in Automotive Engineer craves for a getaway drive after his Mid-term exams. And the perfect platter was there to bury the hunger- Bangalore.

Black dots on top right? Yeah, it’s a windscreen. And they have a purpose!

Starting off from that remote place, you get a sleeper bus from RedBus. Yeah, I have had a few bad experiences with them, but the overall experience would be a positive one. One of the best beds to lie on! Even those Scania buses catch my attention. With those 9+ litres of engine capacity, I am still in awe, how these beasts are able to cruise at a speed of 120 kmph without any hesitation. Hats off to the driver too!

Not exactly scenic!

Coming back to the main storyline, I reach Bangalore at night around 10 pm. Onto the most crucial part of the whole getaway- Self Drive car. now, if you have ever been before to this city on the weekend or a holiday, you would have seen many people renting either Zoom car or Myles. What I opted for? JustRide.

The sheer pleasure of driving!- A Ritz

Why JustRide? Well, the best part of all- no Security Deposit- which is a very big point for the Engineer with his shallow pockets. Second plus point? You have an option to opt out for the Fuel package and just rent the car for unlimited kilometres. That keeps the mind free of tension for going beyond the opted kilometres. Pockets are empty my friend!

This may seem like an advertisement article. Which it isn’t. I am sharing all the names for an easier path for the reader. It will save lots of research work and help one have a better experience.

With all the formalities done, I was off with the diesel Ritz under my clutches. That was one hell of a car. Now don’t you get started. I am not the privileged ones to have driven them supercars. Such everyday cars which have even a slight hint of driver pleasure pump up the Petrol blood within me.

From twisty roads to straight highways, from dark skies to beautiful morning sunshine, it had it all!

But I just said Diesel? Hypocrite? Nah. Just a lover of machines. Or maybe that was the only option available. Stop judging!

In the city, not much was demanded from the car.Smoothly sailing in third gear, diesel pottering at 55 kmph, all the night life of the city was being soaked in. Many eateries were open with the youth enjoying the food without a tension. Hash! The jealousy.. Only if my college was somewhere over here.

I stop at a wrap shop. The wrap wasn’t at its top notch, but it surely filled the desire to have some good food. Then the main drive started. Out of the city, the car goes. Slowly and slyly as we slipped out, the car started to enter the higher gears. And I get my hands on the much hated Turbo lag. Hmm.. That was my first hit towards this thing!

That dashboard binnacle- to help you find the Bosst Range!

It wasn’t bad at all. I don’t get it why ‘Petrolheads’, like myself, hate diesel, especially the lag. Yeah, there surely is some uncontrollable acceleration at the starting, but it surely is manageable. Once you drive it for 50 kms or so, you get to enjoy it and tame it. Pressing the clutch, waddling through the gears, getting the ratios right and keeping it in the Turbo range of 2500- 3300 rpm is surely an exciting affair.

The plan of the whole night was to drive without any aim. Just drive. That’s a dream come true for me. A total of 150 kms was racked up in the aimless drive.

Yeup! 400 was crossed!

And what a scene, what a highway it was. No sudden bumps or construction work. Just wandering through the trucks, a casual stint of speed and then a small stop for some snacks. Oh yes! I realised one thing during this trip. Don’t overspeed beyond the stated speed limit by the rental company. They have a very keen eye. So keen that the second you pass the 125 limit, a tone is heard on the mobile. That’s Rs. 500 down the drain. Damn!

At 4:30 a.m, it was onto the next stop- Nandi Hills. Those who haven’t been there,  don’t go. That place has now become so famous that every single person ends up in that place. On reaching there at 5:30, there is a complete slew of cars standing, waiting in line for the barricade to open at 6:30. The place is shit. Don’t go for the hills. Go for the drive. 10 odd kilometres of twisting and turning tarmac laid all over the place, with small hints of scenic beauty will surely make the wait worth it. But take my advice, don’t go there on a Sunday morning!


Adios my marathi friend!


After enjoying the scenic beauty and the drive, I stop at a restaurant at the bottom of the hill and have breakfast. By now it was 10:30 am. Onto the next one then. Avalabetta hill top.

Again one of the best drives. It had an equal mix of long straight highways and twisty roads. This made the car more and more enjoyable. Ritz is a hatchback, with a highly remarkable handling characteristics. Hats off Suzuki!

What was at the hill top? I wasn’t able to find out. I was too cosy to get out and walk in the sun for 1.5 kms to the top. Back to Bangalore then! What a drive!

With my lunch at McDonald’s (yes, we don’t have it near our college), we head back and catch the bus to my remote city. What a trip! What a drive! What a car! Bangalore.. Meh… Could have been more happy with Bangalore if I had more time to go to more places. But the whole drive was the aim of the trip. Mission Accomplished.

P.S. Don’t forget to take a companion with you (Yes, I did). 🙂


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