The Free Spirit

The British rule was truly a horrific period for our country. However, they did leave behind a legacy which is now manufacturing one of the most soulful things: bikes.


Who doesn’t like to feel the free wind on these lovely creations!


Initially, it was a symbol of manliness and strength, a bike is somewhat unattainable for everyone else. But it today’s world, bikes are very easy to rent, own and ride.

One lesson it taught me was to get off from the left side of the bike or you’ll get an additional birthmark from the immense heat produced by its silencer, which will only remind you of the good times you had riding this beautiful beast.


The simplest, most charismatic pods to look at!


Older bikes didn’t have a fuel indicator, s0 you had to assume your fuel usage and that’s what added to the fun. It has a battery charge indicator instead. Royal Enfield trying to be retro? Nah. Budget cuts. Royal Enfield wanted to keep its production cost low and hence the fuel indicator was omitted, slowly making it a tradition. Luckily now (or unluckily, depending on the experience), the new ones come with a fuel indicator.


My first bike ride ever was on the iconic Royal Enfield Bullet 500  in Pondicherry along the beaches with the cool breeze embracing me. The vibrations that I felt on my toes up to my head and the sound of the bike was so amazing, I couldn’t wait to ride it. But unfortunately, I was unable to lift up its masculine body. I had to satisfy myself with the backseat. Back to push-ups then!


This brand has exponentially caught on to the Indian hearts!


Recently a Royal Enfield Himalayan passed by me and I noticed that it didn’t have the same roar as other Royal Enfield bikes. Nowadays due to Government rules, the new Royal Enfields manufactured do not have the same majestic roar of a lion that it once did, to reduce it’s emissions, with the new line being started with Bharat IV emissions. Sad.


Helmet’s always a must to carry on the machoness!


The Vintage British look this laid back cruiser possesses has won many hearts and will continue to do so till the end of time.


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