Top 5 noises to evoke the Petrolhead within you!

The snarl of a V8 or the meekness of an Inline 6? Pfft. Too mainstream. The engine doesn’t run on its own. It has various buddies to help squeeze the most out of it. And that’s what adds to the audible pleasure of driving, or even riding shotgun. We have a look at those arousing noises before the dear era of Combustion ends. Do not forget to savour them!

  • Turbo SpoolBraaaap-Stuuuuuu! No. That’s not some Indonesian exotic dish over there. That’s how the turbo spool, more precisely the spool plus the waste gate of a turbocharger, adds some magical power into the engine. Next time you sit in a diesel, try to surpass the diesel sputter and enjoy the turbo spool by letting off the gas. Not too much, though!

    Source: Buick Turbo Regal
Some turbo to own!

  • The Perfect Downshift

    Blip! That’s the momentary pressing of the accelerator pedal to give some life to the engine. Well, not only life but to match the speed of the engine to the speed of the wheels while downshifting. Over the head? Nah? Good. Now, that executed with perfection along with the sudden spurt in the engine speed gives a therapeutic rest to the driving gods within you. Here here! Don’t you start rallying now! Chill out! And what is it helped with? The heel and toe.

    Source: You know
  • Bum-fire

    Aaa… Backfire. Yeah. Sorry, for the bad pun. The leftovers in the exhaust turning into fire with an explosion is not only a visual entertainer but also a somewhat-hair-rising experience. Bye bye to the catalytic converter though!

  • Screeching tires!

    The wanna-be neighbourhood teen (most probably me), pulling off a power slide with his front drive sedan by accelerating and turning hard into a corner and making the tires cry out loud, giving you the cringes. Well, the teen is enjoying that!A lot. I assure you.

    Source: Don’t care. No Electrics please.
    Own one today!

  • Wind off the helmet

    This specially applies to them two wheel hogs. Wearing a helmet. Yes, it si cool to wear a helmet, with the added benefit of safety. What do you get with that? Assurance at high speed. And that’s what gives you the constant woooosh, that pushes you into a trance, being lost in your own world. Take care of the road bhaisahab!

    Don’t forget to wear one. Please.
    Protect that head of yours!



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