El Classico Indio- 2

I don’t follow GKM and thus I need an intro.

Already on the second part? What happened to the first?

Since now you are inclined with the previous updates of the series, let’s continue the trip down memory lane.

Let’s start with a small trivia. This manufacturer of this car also manufactured other slightly lesser known vehicles like the Pushpak, Trekker and Contessa.

One more clue? Two months ago, the company was bought, sadly, for only 80 crores by the French manufacturer, Peugeot.

Amby in all it’s glory!

Yes, our second loved Indian classic is the Hindustan ‘Amby’ Ambassador.

In 1957, theAmbassador was introduced to the Indian market with the almost 1.5-litre petrol engine, with produced a hearty 55 bhp. It was an Inline 4 Petrol engine. Inline. 4. Why am I emphasising so much? Look at the current scenario. Everyone is downsizing. 3 cylinders. Less than a litre displacement. The automotive industry has been trying really hard to lose the tagline- ‘Only milk and juices come in 1-litre bottles.

Later on joined the diesel powertrain with its torquey, yet low on power 1.5-litre diesel engine. But if it’s not driving pleasure, then why is it in this list? Well, there are reasons. And lots of them.

Info : topyaps.com

The biggest reason was its reliability. The Amby had the ability to give you the confidence that can take you across the seven continents and beyond that. The bullet proof strength of the engine and the added strength of the body made it the undeniable king.

Even if an Amby is in a collision with them new SUVs, it will merely walk off with a few scratches.What’s the added topping?

What’s the added topping? It is universally serviceable. Well, it not holds true now so much, but I remember my nana saying- “No matter where you stranded, there was one or the other person who had the knowledge to change the drive shaft of the car.” Now that’s a network comparable to Maruti Servicing!

Now, given the task to ferry the nincompoops of India!


Over the years, the Amby went through some design changes. But it held its identity true. With its round headlamps, protruding bonnet and the sofa extended seating, it used to ferry young children to the school and dreaming couples to the airport.

Even with the headcount crossing the several lakhs mark, each and every ambassador has its own story to tell.The long trips, the achieved dreams and what not.

I remember sitting in the Amby in my younger age, going to the school, wondering on what all the dials lying in front of me depicted. What was the most intriguing feature? The pull type button, which I now realise, is called the choke button. My taxi bhaiya used to make fun of us, and told never to touch it or else the engine will burst!

Still one of the best dashes!


With the Amby being crowned the Best Taxi in the whole world, by the widely followed “Top Gear”, beating the like of the Mexican Beetle and the London Cabbie, we can undeniably give a salute to this everlasting hero. The perfect Indo Classico.

Undeniably the best taxi!




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