All you need to know about your dashboard

Cruising along a freeway, we always have half of our attention for the police and half of it on the speedo. We always keep a check on our speed. And the fuel level indicator is also one of the most eyed companion on the dashboard. For them petrolheads, the rev counter is their best friend to get the orgasmically perfect gear-shift. But did you ever observe the other lights that brighten up your dash whenever you turn the ignition key or what part of the vehicle is making that beeping sound?

Woodstock Motors have made a complete and comprehensive guide to this ignored yet highly important dashboard warning lights. They even supplied this infographic for us to work with!

It’s a familiar situation to many motorists. You’re driving along serenely when a light on your dashboard suddenly illuminates and you enter a blind panic, frantically trying to decipher what the light is indicating and whether the issue to which it pertains will write off your car. Studies show that most drivers fail to recognise many of the warning lights on their dashboard, let alone understand the significance of them.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the things that they discussed in their article and what you might find in your instrument panel.

Maybe the 17% don’t realise they have fuel in their car…

A survey by shows, how little importance is given by the public to the several indicators on the dashboard.

The car warning comes up at different levels, just like a universal light notification.

Quite basic no? Well, you must have known then!

Green means Go!

Who doesn’t like a green indication. Most of these are for providing additional information to the driver and ease the commute.

P.S. Dipper doesn’t mean high beam! Use the damn dipper at night.
Tick-tock-tick-tock of the turn signal. Quite irritating no?

Slow Down at Yellow!

Now going towards a little risky zone, we enter the yellow light. Here we see some mediocre warning data, which ignored for too long can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

Delaying the brake pad change can cause some serious damage to the discs and the calliper.
Servicing after a specified time keeps the car working flawlessly and one enjoys to drive it.
Traction Control Lost? Still on the road? Hats off. You must enter the WRC,

Complete Shutdown at Red!

The Brake Warning Light also indicated that the emergency brake is engaged. Disengage before driving the car.
EPAS- Electric Power Assisted Steering
One of the most irritating lights is the Seatbelt Unfastened. Trick? Let the belt pass from the back and keep it pinned in forever. Yeah? No. Definitely don’t use this trick. Stay safe.

Perhaps this video will help you understand a bit more.

That was some information right there! The next time you will be sitting in the car, you will surely be aware of the various indications on the dashboard and take care of your car more keenly.

With the dashboard decoded, the drivers wanted some extra features to be displayed on their dash. Can you guess what they were?

Speed trap ahead. The perfect one.

The Speed trap detector is already being implemented in cities like Dubai. After all, with a ferrari under your command, and 10 lane roads, who can resist flooring the gas pedal?

This was but a small introduction to each of the things that might light up in your instrument panel. For a more detailed version, head on over to woodstock motor’s blog and find out more. Above all, stay safe and drive well.


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