Classic Ads

Advertisements. A medium for the companies, groups or even individuals to direct the path of the person on the receiving end towards a specific idea. May it be a certain product, ideology or just an “Issued in Public Interest” Ad, it has always been one of the best ways to alter the mind of the reader.

Advertisements come in various forms: ranging right from pamphlets to a minute or two long videos on the YouTube website. However, in the olden days, posters were the way to reach the masses.

And what good old ads we had. Some were funny, some were deep. But all of them had the same motive, leave a long impression on the reader.

So, here we have a look at some of the ads that till date hold a lot of meaning.

  1.  Worried about space?

    Courtesy: 95 Octane

The first one comes from Nissan’s “cheaper” cousin, Daihatsu. The No-Nonsense Vehicle. Too many women to carry? Here’s your answer. Much cheaper than the Lambo!

  1.  Have the time of your life
Thank you: Plan 59

Date night? Covered. Long drives? Covered. Drive to the end of the world? Covered. Chrysler gives you the car of your life for the time of your life.

3. Dreaming ahead

Swank you: Ultraswank

Amphibious cars are still in the works. However, this ad just lets the complete concept out in the open. Rear fans? Check. Sealed Compartment? Check. Which company? Enough of your questions!

4. All that one requires

Speed to you: Zeroto60

Want everything in one car? 2CV is just the car for you. Or is it? Tackling all the automotive giants in one ad!

5. Sprint Much?

Dep-o Magazine

Passion. Speed. That’s what cars are for. And that is what the Dolomite Sprint will do for you. Be careful though. The court is ready to pounce on your wallet!

6. Ahem.

Nift Blog

I’ll just leave it there. Ok. Bye.

The History! Buy it!
Make a good advertisement!




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