5 More Quotes to Evoke the Petrolhead within you!

Enjoyed the last part of the top automotive quotes? Yeah. Me too.

Automobile is a branch of science which brings all of us together. Whatever religion you may be, no matter what type of fuel you like, no matter what you drive or ride, in the end, it is about your love for the moving machine, that moves you. From the core.

So, here you go! A list of 5 more quotes to get that petrol gushing within you!

  1. It’s better to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow.
    The British Leyland Mini

    Bought a 1000 bhp supercar? Meh. Bought an 87 bhp hatchback? Voila! The world is your playground! Just drop a gear and pop the pedal! You don’t have to worry about losing traction, spinning wheel or emptying your pockets. Just simple, pure speed. Somewhat.

  2. If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough.
    Can’t drift in real life? Try drifting your very own RC version then!

    This is one of those classic lines. Lose control to gain more! Unless you are driving on the edge, unless you are not bending the laws of physics, there is no way you are reaching your limit. Keep on pushing!

  3. Give a man a car, he will be happy for the day. Give a man a woman, he will be happy for the night. Give a man a woman who loves cars, he will be happy for life.
    Enjoying the day!

    The quote itself speaks a thousand words! In the day he can roam everywhere and anywhere. In the night he can discover new things. But a partner who loves cars is something of a gift. You share the passion, the love. And that’s what pushes it more!

  4. When a man opens up a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife!

  5. People ask why I don’t play music in my car… I tell them I have better things to listen to. 
Don’t like your exhaust noice? Try this silencer!

Never ever do I prefer to play the music. Just roll down the window, and listen to the music just fine. Low volume? No problem. The accelerator is your volume control!



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