Metal-to-Metal Gated Shifter

The Car world is festooned with all kinds of design ideas. New technologies have been tried and experimented to make the ‘car’ a more efficient thing. But what has always stayed close to us is the manual gearbox. It was not just a mode of changing gear, but an extension of the driver. A single component that amalgamated man and the machine to a single entity.

The gateway to heaven! KeyWordSuggests

I am not here to talk about how the manual gearbox works. NO! I want to talk about the metal to metal gated Gearbox. This is more of a ‘smiles per mile’ thing.

Old Ferraris had them. So did the last generation of Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8. It was a no-nonsense metal rod that you caressed every time you went for a gear. It didn’t have a leather or cheap plastic stuck onto it. The gated gearbox was famous for that evocative sound it produced every time you changed gear. The clunky noise was just so satisfying. Do watch this video with sound to know what I am talking about!

Sadly, these things are long gone. And what I find even more frustrating is the reason behind it. I don’t think they are gone because of efficiency. NO! It’s because buyers almost never spec them. That is why!

Pure pleasure. Jalopnik

If more of these tasteless people really wanted a gated box, manufacturers would make them. They would. Don’t believe me?

Look at the new 911 GT3. The Gen 2. Gen 1 was the first 911 GT3 without a manual gearbox, and people fought each other on the street arguing about automatic GT3s. Now what? Gen 2 has them. And rightly so. Danke Porsche. You have all our respect.

The GT3. Autocar

What is it that I am trying to convey? Please don’t get an automatic supercar thinking they are fast. These cars are so fast anyway, that a few milliseconds or more won’t dilute the experience. You guys lucky enough to buy one of these, Keep the Manual Alive. Please.

The stick brings everything alive! Autocar

Check out Govind’s blogs at Racing Central.

Get to designing!

Or make do with the stickers!


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