The ‘Ring Records and more!

A little insight into the latest news of the Automotive Industry:

  • The Electric Vehicle Nio EP9, smashes the Nurburgring record with a 6 minute 45 seconds lap time. That’s around 6 seconds faster than the recently broken Huracan Performante record!

Check out more at Car throttle!

The Neo outside the Matrix. Or maybe not. Ytmig
  • BMW decides to name the new roadster under testing as…. Z4. No surprises then! Let’s see how does the car roll out to be!


  • After a quite eventful Spanish GP, the results are coming out to be quite interesting. It’s turning out quite a fierce and thrilling battle between the three-pointed star and the prancing horse.


Close competition there!


Vettel leads the way! F1



Force India is surely having a great time by currently bagging points in each GP this season!

  • Porsche rolled out its one-millionth 911 this week. One million. Quite a staggering number. And the unit is staggering none the less.


Pure algae green! Or whatever Porsche calls it.

As with all great cars, this too will end up in the museum.But not before it has taken a world tour that takes in the Scottish Highlands, China, the USA and nonetheless, a few laps of the Nürburgring.

  • A much recognizable Silhouette!

    That’s the new 8 series BMW for you. Yes, the company has confirmed the resurrection of this series. They will be targeting the S-Class, obviously, with their new “Luxury Sports Coupe”. Identity Crisis? We’ll see.

That’s it for this week’s news! Keep yourself updated.



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