Top 5+ Car Care Products Every Motor Enthusiast Must Have

We often hear complaints from people that their partners or friends are too obsessed with their cars. Sometimes, we even hear that they tend to value their car more than the relationship itself. While, we are not trying to defend that, one can’t be a true motor enthusiast unless they behave that way. So, for all you true motor heads out there, here is a list of car care products that you can use to take care of your partner in crime.


Simoniz Fix It! Pro Clear Coat Applicator 

Don’t you hate scratches on your car? It might not have been your fault, but every time you hear the screeching sound, your heart sinks and we can hear it shattering. This product from Simoniz will help you feel good about your car again. All you need to do is use it like a pen and write on the scratch. It applies a transparent coat on the scratch that blends in with your paint. After a few hours of drying, it was like the scratch never existed. And you get all this for a mere price of INR 135.


However, keep in mind, this is only for small scratches. If you want to remove slightly more serious scratches, you can choose to go for Formula 1 Scratch Out. It is only for INR 320 and helps remove some stubborn dirt marks like bird droppings. It will have your car looking brand new in no time.

3M Auto Specialty Shampoo

Waxing the car is something you need to do only occasionally. But to keep your car looking brand new day in and day out, you need to wash it regularly. The 250-ml 3M car wash shampoo can you with this as it can remove even the toughest of stains without damaging your wax coating. It works well with both hard and soft water. Moreover, washing a car is always a fun activity for kids. You can get this car wash shampoo from this renowned company at just INR 190.


If you are also looking for a suitable cloth to clean your car with, then look no further. Get the 3M microfiber cloth at just INR 200.

Bergmann Hurricane car vacuum

This product is especially for the car lovers who have pets or messy kids. If you think twice before taking them for a ride on your just-washed car, buy this and never worry about it again. The Bergmann Hurricane is a 12V, 100W portable vacuum cleaner. This vacuum comes with 4 attachments – a flexible hose, crevice nozzle, fabric brush, and carpet brush. It plugs in directly to your car electric output and works like magic in removing all the lose hair and food crumbs. It can also help you clean wet garbage. You can get this at Amazon at only INR 1,900.

Formula 1 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

When you own a car, you should have the right to use a drive through and not worry about spilling food. This car cleaner from Formula 1 will make your car look tidy even on the worst of days. It can also help you deal with some stains that are left by your pets or hungover friends. The quick dry feature lets you enjoy your car without having to wait decades for it to dry. The fresh smell removes any and all traces of a stain ever existing there. You can buy this amazing product for only INR 350.

If you have leather upholstery instead, you could always choose to go with Mr. Leather cleaner available for INR 321.

3M Car Care Glass Cleaner

One of the most important things is to clear visible glass in cars. It not only improves the aesthetic appeal but also improves the safety by improving the visibility. The 250-ml glass cleaner from 3M will help give your car windshield and windows a new look. It gives best results when the glass is not heated due to ambient temperature and when washed under the shade. It can remove grime and fingerprints as well. For best results, you can use the 3M microfiber cloth and clean from both sides. This amazing product is available for only INR 150.

Another thing that might help is changing the glass washing liquid that comes inbuilt your car wipers. The Getsun windshield washer additive has anti-misting and anti-freezing agents. Thus, you will get a nice shiny wash even if you just use your wipers.

Getting all these products will at least keep one of your loves happy. To keep the other ones happy may we suggest some perfumesjewellery or toys perhaps?


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