Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Italian. The language having the perfect mix of words. You just name everything normally in Italian and it sounds so cool.

Take Ferrari in this case. Or Lusso for that. Lusso stands for ‘luxury’ in Italian. And they have so rightly used for this Ferrari which was meant only for the public roads and not for racing, for a change.

Luxury, Italian style. Supercars

The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is considered one of the most elegant Ferraris. The car was designed NOT keeping aerodynamics in mind. It was just left to the Turinese coachbuilder, Pininfarina, to get the best out of it without restrictions, and that’s what they did, with the help of Scaglietti.

Every single angle catches the beauty. 1964 GT Lusso

Although they surely ended up with the ‘Kamm-tail‘ design, that gives the smooth, uninterrupted rear flow ending of the car. ‘Not designed with aerodynamics‘. I doubt so.

Kamm tail, which is surely aerodynamic. Supercars

The car was first showcased as a prototype at the 1962 Paris Motor Show. And soon after, production began in early 1963 and continued on till mid-1964. In this run, only 351 examples were produced. Why do good things end so fast?

The Heart. Supercars

And if you are wondering why it was called the 250? That is the cubic capacity of each of the 12 cylinders, in cc. The voluptuous body had huge grunt hidden within it.

The 3.0 L, V 12 engine, ‘Colombo’, spit out 240 hp and a healthy 242 Nm, which propelled the car to the century within 8 seconds and breaking the passenger car speed at 240 km/hr. That’s a lot even in today’s terms!

One of the many best things to own this Beauty pageant? The cranking. It was something different. It was a ritual.

You turn on the ignition (not cranked yet) and then you actuate the switch to the mechanical fuel pump and the sound comes.

click-click-click –click–click—click—click—-click—-click——click——click.

That’s the sound of the fuel pump priming the carburetor. Notice how the gap slowly increased between each click? That means the carburetors¬†are filled with fuel and the engine is ready to start.

And it’s no ordinary sound. It’s like slowly the engine’s soul comes to you, whispers into your heart and then enlightens it: ‘I’m ready’. Somehow, your heartbeats match.

Where everything lies. GT4

And that’s what defined the car. The personality. The individuality. No electronics. No computers. Just pure pleasure.

And this is what lacking in today’s cars. They’re just becoming a medium for the daily wager to go from A to B and back. That’s what the public transports are for! Leave the car alone!

But now, the only pure pleasure can be attained through classic cars. Since electronics have overcome everything.

Get lost in Ferrari’s trance.





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