Designed by the Japs!

JDM. Yes, we have covered this before. It is an unending love and hate story. From one side you can hear swear words being thrown at it, while from the other you see some pure love.

No matter what, Japanese cars are a class apart. Right from the engineering of the engine to the outright design, the cars are flawless and have an identity of their own.

Let’s have a jump into some of the famous JDM cars and their designers!

  • Toyota 2000GT

A front-engined, rear wheel drive, hard top coupe, spewing out 150 hp with its longitudinally mounted straight 6 engine.




And you are not wrong if you see hints of Jaguar E-type in it. Satoru Nozaki was inspired by the Jags smooth flowing body and executed it, oh so nicely, in its Japanese way.


Deja vu? Lamley


Only 351 of these beautiful coupe-cum-grand tourers were let free from the factory, hinting towards exotic Italian supercars.


Pop-up headlights included! JapaneseNostalgicCar
  • Nissan 350Z

The fifth in the line of the Nissan’s Z-Cars, is a two-door two-seater sports car, having the engine at the front and the drive being provided to the rear.




This Fairlady was designed by Diane Allen, who was a young designer in Los Angeles. She had contributed in the designs of Nissan 350Z and the Titan full-size pickup, which helped in a comeback of the brand.




She wanted to capture the past of the Z but wanted to keep the portfolio of the brand visionary. The car was very well received and brought back many enthusiasts to Nissan who had drifted apart.

  • Honda S2000

This is the front-mid engine, rear-wheel drive roadster, powered by a 2 liter, 4 cylinder in-line engine.




This humble car was designed by Daisuke Sawai. The car was in its initial stages when it was launched as a concept car in 1995, dubbed the Honda SSM Concept (Sport Study Model, if you are wondering). The car, as with all Hondas, had a rev limiter set at around 8300 rpm. A big band for the VTEC to kick in!



It’s one of those elegantly designed Sports Compact Cars, which don’t shout out for attention. They lay hidden, waiting for their owner to lay hands on them, and get the most out of the mini-beasts.

New designs and new ideas keep coming up. But only a few leave a lasting impression onto the world.


JDMmania Community



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