All you need to know about your dashboard

Cruising along a freeway, we always have half of our attention for the police and half of it on the speedo. We always keep a check on our speed. And the fuel level indicator is also one of the most eyed companion on the dashboard. For them petrolheads, the rev counter is their best friend to get the orgasmically perfect gear-shift. But did you ever … Continue reading All you need to know about your dashboard

El Classico Indio- 2

I don’t follow GKM and thus I need an intro. Already on the second part? What happened to the first? Since now you are inclined with the previous updates of the series, let’s continue the trip down memory lane. Let’s start with a small trivia. This manufacturer of this car also manufactured other slightly lesser known vehicles like the Pushpak, Trekker and Contessa. One more … Continue reading El Classico Indio- 2