Top 5+ Car Care Products Every Motor Enthusiast Must Have

We often hear complaints from people that their partners or friends are too obsessed with their cars. Sometimes, we even hear that they tend to value their car more than the relationship itself. While, we are not trying to defend that, one can’t be a true motor enthusiast unless they behave that way. So, for all you true motor heads out there, here is a … Continue reading Top 5+ Car Care Products Every Motor Enthusiast Must Have

To Idle or not to idle?

Turbochargers– the magical-exhaust-power operated component, that adds an extra liveliness to the engine. These are mostly used by commercialised companies to ply to the stringent exhaust rules. However, having a turbocharger requires a really important operation- idling– before shutting down the engine. Or does it? Some facts to be understood are, while an engine runs at an RPM of 4000-5000, a turbocharger runs at RPMs … Continue reading To Idle or not to idle?

Keep a ‘Track’ on that!

We all keep trying to always get the best time by following the Race Line. No two drivers never have the same line which they follow. Entering a turn briskly, kissing the apex and then accelerating flamboyantly out of the turn is one of those techniques, when performed perfectly, bring one of the biggest adrenaline rushes in your heart! But we don’t realise the one … Continue reading Keep a ‘Track’ on that!

F1 Season Unveiling

With the new rules in and the calendar set, we now eagerly await the unveiling of all the machines designed and developed by various teams. Williams, Sauber and Renault have already shown us their babies and the others are lined up with their wider tyres and delta wings! Williams were the first to reveal their beauty with the much needed inspirational #WeAreRacing. Happy to see them alive … Continue reading F1 Season Unveiling