7+ simple car maintenance tips

So, you have just bought your first car as an automotive enthusiast and you don’t want anything to happen to it. Also, I am guessing you would like to save as much money as possible on car maintenance after the free service period is over. So how does one go about this? Don’t worry, I have you covered. Also the “dummies” in the title refers … Continue reading 7+ simple car maintenance tips

Lamborghini Miura

The Miura.  The first one in a long line of mid-engined Italian cars. Arguably the prettiest one of them all too. And maybe the greatest car from the greatest era of road racing. The 60s. It was all about that body, by Bertone’s greatest design child. The designers spent hours and hours to get the blueprint right. A beautiful collection of curves, isn’t it? And there was no … Continue reading Lamborghini Miura