What is Italdesign?

Ever dreamt of owning an Italiano-Supercar-Rarebreed that still keeps the combustion engine alive? Well, Italdesign is here to help.     Owned by the Volkswagen Audi Group, the “Italdesign Automobili Special” brand will be manufacturing only five of these Anteater-like Front end, taking care of the exotic end.     The power comes from the Volkswagen borrowed 5.2 litre V 10 engine mounted onto a … Continue reading What is Italdesign?

F1 Season Unveiling- Part 2

We directly jump into the launch of the tenth edition by Force India Motors- the VJM10. Continuing their styling cues, we see a slight nose bump at the front (boxing-broken nose?) with a prominent shark fin at the back. Having finished at a respectable position in the previous year’s F1, we are eager to see how this UK based team (like many), will perform. Being … Continue reading F1 Season Unveiling- Part 2

F1 Season Unveiling

With the new rules in and the calendar set, we now eagerly await the unveiling of all the machines designed and developed by various teams. Williams, Sauber and Renault have already shown us their babies and the others are lined up with their wider tyres and delta wings! Williams were the first to reveal their beauty with the much needed inspirational #WeAreRacing. Happy to see them alive … Continue reading F1 Season Unveiling