Flying Inc.


We are a professional organization that competes in an international design/build/fly competition with the focus of preparing students to work in the industry through real engineering experiences.

You will be exposed to engineering fundamentals in aerodynamics, structural analysis, aircraft design and program management. Strengthen your communication and organization skills through report writing, design documentation as well as preparing and presenting major design reviews.

Get hands-on learning in fabrication and testing of the airplane. Due to the complexity of aircraft design, you will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team that ranges from freshman to graduate student engineers.



 SAE Aero-design East 2013, Dallas

  • 1st (Asian pacific region) in the presentation round

ERA conducted by NASA

  • Presented a research paper on ‘Green Aviation’

 SAE Aero-Design East 2013

  • 15th overall

SAE Aero-Design East 2014, Atlanta,USA

  • 3rd in Design report

Asia Pacific 2015

  • 2nd position

SAE Aero-Design India 2016

  • 2nd Overall
  • 2nd in Flight Round
  • 2nd in Presentation Round
  • 2nd in Design Report

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